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Hotel a San Marino


Due to the latest law decree of the Republic of San Marino, despite ourselves and with regret, we are forced to CANCEL the exhibitions scheduled on 2020 December 11-12-13th.
To thank all the exhibitors and handlers who did entries trusting us and giving us confidence and with our same spirit of optimism for an improvement of the COVID situation still underway, the Committee of the Kennel Club of San Marino has decided that the entries, to discretion of each exhibitor, can:
a) Be reimbursed at 70% of the amount paid, as already written and accepted at the moment of registration, upon request to be sent by email to our office
b) Be kept at 100% as Credit charged into the exhibitor's account and usable in the future and without time limit for our next exhibitions that may be organized in the future
In case b), even if not contemplated at the time of registration, no exhibitor will lose any of the amount paid.
We are sorry that despite all the precautions to be taken had already been considered, evaluated and feasible, following the guidelines of the WHO, our Republic and international standards, respecting the protocols dictated to prevent the spread of the virus and using all IT means and latest generation technologies with considerable investments, it was not possible to carry out the scheduled events.
San Marino, 2020 November 29th The Committee of Kennel Club San Marino

No future schedule has been set